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Vick and The Eagles


This is totally unrelated to anything I normally do.

Michael Vick today was signed by the Philadelphia Eagles.  He has, in theory at least, paid his debt to society.  He in no way should be playing football professionally, ever, anywhere, much less in the NFL.  This is an act that brings shame on The Eagles, Philadelphia, and the NFL.  If you are a fan of the Eagles, I am sorry for you.  Your team has shown the lowest of character.

There have been many NFL players of questionable moral character over the years, but the Eagles have decided that a man who tortures wonderful, loving, kind dogs should be held up as an example.  A man who tortured these dogs, not for money, which is disgusting enough, but for fun and ego.  The NFL has only encouraged the torture of more pups by showing the lack of consequences that such inhumanity can have.

Please let the Eagles know your feelings via their contact form.

This is my pit, Stella.  She is sweet and kind and loving.  And she, as she likes to do while I’m at my computer, is asleep at my feet.

She was found abandoned in the desert.  One theory is that she was left there to die because she didn’t have the viciousness needed for fighting.  Erin rescued her from the pound.

I’m very happy she’s here tonight.