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Things Ya Find When Looking Through Old Stuff


So I was poking around through my old panos looking for a few more and I came across this one.  I did this a few years back, maybe 3 or 4 or 5 or I don’t know.

I did this originally to try to sell a client of mine, Dominican University, (nice people, good place, fyi) on the possibility of how these could help them market online, do online tours, stuff like that.  I forgot it was even there.

Anyhow, click on this link, check it out, it’s worth the time.  Click on the image and move your mouse around to move your view around, up, down, left, right, anywhere.

It will make your browser go full-screen, fyi.  And yeah, the audio ain’t anything of interest, but it’s what’s there right now and I ain’t fussing with it.

Click here.

Update: Apparently they changed something in the newest WordPress release which makes it challenging to make a pic a link.  I’ll work on solving it (I think it’s solved, fingers crossed).  In the meantime use the other links if ya don’t mind.