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Tap Shoes and a Note for Our RSS Readers


Tap Shoes on Stage

For those reading this via RSS, you’ve probably noticed recently that the photos are posting twice.  I just figured out why, I haven’t yet figured out the fix yet though.

The why is basically that at the end of each post I now include a box, within that box is html code that can be pasted into other web pages.  Call this my version of marketing.  It’s a viral approach.  It’s probably also a slow approach.

Web browsers do dandy in recognizing this is a text box, what’s in here is text.  Apparently RSS readers read what’s in there as they would any other code, if it’s not code it’s text, but as it’s code, specifically the code for the image link, they treat it as code and post the image, again.

I’m going to look into fixing it, but for right now, my apologies for this particular lack of smoothness.