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Graffiti, Tagging and Leave My Wilderness Alone


Graffiti, Tagging, and Leave My Wilderness Alone

Now, let me clear here about one thing, I’ve got nothing inherently against graffiti.  I’ve met many a good or even great graffiti artist.  I admire, respect and in some cases love, their work.  But do me a favor folks, keep it in the city and not in a pristine slot canyon.

Now, to be fair, I doubt this was done by a tagger or graffiti artist or anyone with any talent or purpose.  First of all, putting peace and love in a beautiful, wild canyon, most of the people hiking there already have that idea in their own shape and way.

Second, how many people are going to see this?  Maybe 20-30 on a busy weekend day, most of which it’s going to disturg their sense of inner peace that they already got?  Dumb.

Third, have a little skill, do something original, or at least interesting.  If you’re going to be an asshole, at least be an interesting asshole.

Oh well, it’s chalk, it won’t last long, but if, just by chance, anyone coming across this entry has ever done something like this, or is thinking about it…Don’t.  It’s not cool, or  interesting or creative.  Now, if you’re going to do it on the street, on the side of a building (preferably with the owner’s permission, which does happen), Rock On.  I look forward to seeing your art.