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Things Ya Find When Looking Through Old Stuff


So I was poking around through my old panos looking for a few more and I came across this one.  I did this a few years back, maybe 3 or 4 or 5 or I don’t know.

I did this originally to try to sell a client of mine, Dominican University, (nice people, good place, fyi) on the possibility of how these could help them market online, do online tours, stuff like that.  I forgot it was even there.

Anyhow, click on this link, check it out, it’s worth the time.  Click on the image and move your mouse around to move your view around, up, down, left, right, anywhere.

It will make your browser go full-screen, fyi.  And yeah, the audio ain’t anything of interest, but it’s what’s there right now and I ain’t fussing with it.

Click here.

Update: Apparently they changed something in the newest WordPress release which makes it challenging to make a pic a link.  I’ll work on solving it (I think it’s solved, fingers crossed).  In the meantime use the other links if ya don’t mind.

Ongoing Flooding


Locally we have had to deal with some flooding and now the aftermath of it for the last week or two. It’s been long and involved work. Ranging from being thigh deep in a river while standing in the middle of the street to having mold covered drywall rain down on me. Yummy mold.

I do have to say, it’s amazing, it’s why I love people, the good spirits these people who have lost so much can have.









Random Little Thought


I’m not sure what to do with this image. It’s close, but I don’t know if it’s a hit. I like the blur, the color, the person in the background I’d rather be gone, but I can live with them, and I’ll bring them down a bit given some more time in post. But it just doesn’t come totally together, not yet, but it’s close, it’s got the pieces. Just bugs me. I’m not sure what to do, or if anything can be done. It’s one of those hits to right field that’s going to die in the corner and be a triple, but lands just foul, not even by inches. Damn.

48 Inspiring Hours


I’m an introvert, and a pretty strong one. I generally dislike people. On the other hand the only thing in this world that holds my interest with any regularity is people. The last two days though have reminded me why I love humanity, even on those days I don’t, and that ain’t today. Today is glowing with love.

First wonderful person. Liala Kuchma, she is one of ten Chicago artists in Chicago’s Artists Month Celebration. Okay, neat. It was when she was talking about her weaving at the loom, how she does it for 12 hours a day, sometimes more, because she loves it, when she talked about the choice and which would make her happier, weaving or going out for dinner with friends, and how most of the time more weaving would make her happier, it was when she talked about what she did and you could feel the passion, I could feel the passion, the love, that I just felt…good. It’s one of those, “there is someone else out there who feels it too,” moments. I don’t get many of those.

Many people love something, whatever it is, and that is wonderful, but it is tempered, and wisely so, I’d argue. I’m not wise. I am passionate. Not about many things, but I am about a few, and those areas of my life, I love them. I can feel it, sometimes I can feel it want to rush out. I love it, and I wouldn’t stop it. I’m also well aware that it can be very harmful to me in other areas of my life. C’est la vie. (I love that phrase.)

It’s rare I get to meet a person so devoted to their art. I like those people. Maybe they just make me feel less alone, in a way that being with people can never make me feel not alone.

The second cool person was Ryan. Ryan I don’t think knows quite how cool he is yet. That’s fine, a little sad, but we all have to learn. Ryan was just a joy to talk to. He was discovering the joy of passion, of creating, of, of I don’t know what. But he was discovering. He had that sound, that look of young love. I love young love, that falling in love. Mature, caring, healthy love has it’s place in the world (though whether I can make this argument from experience is an interesting question these days) but young love, whether youthful in years, or new to us today, is wonderful, powerful. When the grass is greener, the sky is bluer, and you just don’t know any better, but it’s wonderful. I don’t know if he’ll get through the hard stuff. He’s already gone through quite a bit personally, and has more to face, and he has my admiration and respect for it, but there is more ahead, and I wish him the best in it. I don’t know how he’ll do, but I love that he is in love, and I hope he can enjoy that. And through his love of love, he’s reminded me of how much I love it too. And for that, I owe him a thanks, and I only hope I was able to give him a tenth as much as he gave me.

It didn’t hurt that he and his friends all thought I was cool, had a cool job and reminded how lucky I am in life. Sometimes it just feels really good to remember, to be grateful, for all you’ve had the luck to be given in life.

As a side note, I meet Ryan at Guess Hookah. Cool place. Bummer I’m apparently about a decade older than their average clientèle, I’d think about hanging there every now and again. Nice laid back atmospheres, a nice change of pace for me. Sometimes I wish I didn’t find stress and chaos so damn fun. It actually made me kinda want to try a hookah, alas, my brain won, and I didn’t. Apparently 85% of people who go there and use the hookahs don’t smoke cigarettes, who would’ve thunk it? Not to mention, if you’re twenty, reading this and male or lesbian, beautiful women galore, I mean….wow. Okay, that was unprofessional of me.

And just to add to the surreality of today. Other than hookah cafes I was covering a gentleman, nice guy, Darrin Hallowell, who does sculpture incorporating his own blood. Pretty interesting stuff, interesting ideas, and enjoyable to talk to.

I wish more Tuesdays could just be artists doing something odd and hookahs. That really is what Tuesday is supposed to be.

As a side note, I don’t know why it seems everything I’ve shot is moving left, but….oops, my poor graphic designers.

And on a final pointless note, white teas, can’t get into them. Just can’t. I’m about the Oolongs.

Killing Time

Models curling their hair and killing time before the next part of the beautification process.
Karolina Cabaj reads while Ashley Rounds curls.

On my way out for a fun night and…


Life seems to have a bad habit of having random bad things happen when I go out for an evening with the friends. Not bad things happening to me at least, but bad things happening to other people that I then must take photos of.

So I’m driving a few of my friends over to another friend’s new apartment for a night of hanging out. We’re almost there when we turn onto Lake St. only to have it blocked by fire trucks and cop cars.

At this point I know I’m going to be delayed for a little while. Drop my friends, and take the two block walk over to the scene of the accident.

In photojournalism classes they teach students to always have a camera with them. I use my carry around camera very little it seems, yet it comes in so handy. So I did what I could with my little P&S (Point & Shoot).

What amazed me about this is that the other car, a BMW four door, had the front drivers side knocked in a good foot or so, but was otherwise alright. What I would call major damage, but nothing that would make me think that the accident was all that bad. I apparently don’t understand the dynamics of car impacts very well.

At least from what I could see there were no major injuries.

More from the cutting room floor


The ongoing complaint of every photojournalist, every photo department, the paper never runs the photos they should run.

I can’t change this at my paper, at least not quickly. It doesn’t seem most photographers can change this at their papers. So we all end up with piles and files of photos that we, the photographers, think should have run, but never did.

So I’m now going to run them here, at least from time to time.

Having shot basketball for the last few months, you would think my editors would be tired of printing lay-up shots. Nope, not even close. In game that was about stiff defenses, hard fouling, rebounds and turnovers, not a single one of those images ran.

Oh well. At least I’ve got them, and they make me happy. At the end of the day what else can I ask for?

So just to provide some context for these images.

This was the lowest scoring championship game in Illinois AA Girls basketball history.

Turnovers we’re happening left and right, shots weren’t sinking very often. Elbows seemed very…let’s call it free, under the basket.

This was, as has been widely reported, a game based on defense.

Maybe these shots don’t show the victorious Fenwick Friars looking victorious, but they do show the game more as it was. Hard fought, and close till the very end.

This program was modified to fit the time available


Weaknesses are strengths, and strengths are weaknesses. The only difference between the two are how you choose to use the inherent qualities of something. One way makes a quality a strength, one situation makes it a strength, another situation or use makes it a weakness.

Audio slide shows, for the most part, have to be kept pretty short. People just don’t watch them for that long. Or at least that’s what I’m always told, and that’s what I do.

So the rough figure is that you have about 2 minutes of time to keep viewers attention on a website. This means my recent Chiditarod audio slide show had to hit about 2 minutes. This also means some real beauties of quotes got left out.

This includes the winning team captain talking about his various forms of sabotage; replacing race maps with fake race maps, shoving opponents into snow banks, various forms of bribery, taping opponents wheels so they wouldn’t roll and tying carts together. Also cut, a good 45 seconds of the judges bragging, outright bragging, about their bribes (transformers, head rubs, 3 shots, cupcakes, chocolates, you get the idea.) And after listing all this off, “It was pretty awesome.” I also had to lose a woman saying she was going to get the next round. I really wanted this to get the drinking end across, but alas it had to be surrendered to the time goods.

Ya gotta love competitions that encourage cheating.

On the other side of the coin being forced into a tight edit usually makes the piece better overall. It makes the final piece tighter, more focused, which tends to be a good thing. It tells a better story for it’s shortness.

Also check out the coverage by Matt Bigelow, good stuff (video also available through Methods Reporter). Always love seeing all the different views of the same event.